#2 Load your dataset into the app | meta:umbrella

Tutorial #2
Load your dataset into the app


  • Several extensions are supported by the app: excel files (".xls" / ".xlsx"), text files (".txt") or ".csv".
  • To load your dataset, start by indicating the extension of your file in the selector labelled (1 - Choose your file format:). If you select the ".txt" or ".csv" extensions, you will have to indicate the separator used in the selector labelled (Choose appropriate data delimiter).
  • Once the extension / separator has been indicated, you can load your dataset by clicking on the Browse button of the section 2 - Upload your dataset. The blue bar under the browse button will display "Upload complete" when the dataset is loaded.
  • To ensure that the data have been properly loaded, start by clicking on the Raw data tab of the main table.
  • If the data have been correctly loaded, click on the Checkings tab of the main panel to ensure that no warning messages have been produced while checking the formatting of your dataset.
  • If everything is fine, you can select the appropriate classification, click on the "Run analysis" button, and the results will be displayed in the Summary!